Edward Elric
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A talk about the future

Edward had been thinking for a little bit. Brian would need a family for the long term, someone who could help undo whatever damage Dante had done to him to turn him into Envy. He needed a family strong enough to stand by him.

And more than that, he needed a family who he would not have to bury. He didn't know what that'd do to his older brother, but he could guarantee it'd be nothing good, and if Edward passed on from old age, he wouldn't be there to help his brother.

Edward had a thing about brothers.

So he got up and headed to the kitchen, motioning for Al to follow him. The kitchen was empty; everyone was sitting nervously in the living room, feeling on eggshells due to Morkoth's bad mood and waiting for Sammy to come get them and take them to their real new home.

He needed a private moment with Al.

Twenty-Four Hour Leave: Edward Elric

Edward sat at the kitchen table in Sue and Morkoth's house with a cup of coffee in hand. Everyone else had gone to bed, and like usual before a big fight, Edward couldn't sleep. So he'd quietly gone downstairs from the bedrooms and fiddled with the coffee maker until he figured out how to work it, and made himself some coffee.

He watched on a laptop the footage from the 2012 invasion. The Chitauri drones seemed to have an inferior fighting style to what he'd learned from his teacher. He was a touch out of practice, but he had Al to back him up, and a Stone in his possession, and those two things made him feel pretty confident.

The only question mark in all this, from what he could see, was this Thanos guy and this 'Other' guy that Loki and Jadelyn would be taking on. And even that seemed like less of a true question than just Loki being overcautious. But, given that Loki had been on the run without the power to take him on for two decades, Edward decided he couldn't blame the guy for being a bit scared. But he was facing it, that made Edward respect him.

Always face your fears.

He wanted to go back to bed, to curl up next to his brother and just sleep for awhile, but his body was too wired, thrumming with expectation. He'd helped with Corinna's demonstration, getting to show off his abilities at the same time, and he and Al would be mostly shoving up walls and killing off flying drones. Easy work.

Getting up to get another cup, he kept his eyes on the screen, watching Cap and Thor battling drones.

They'd be fine. They had to. Edward had a family to get back to.

Visiting the ill boyfriend

After making sure Sammy knew what she was getting into with her new family, Edward hitched a ride from Morkoth up to the medical ward where Alfons was staying. He knocked on the door lightly, looking in, making sure he wasn't sleeping from drugs or something before entering.

location: The Super Nova
Warning the new den mother

Edward told his younger brother he wanted to speak to Sammy alone before they got back to the house, so to go on ahead. It was after an argument that Al finally consented to giving them space.

"We may have a problem," Edward said to Sammy in a lowered tone of voice once Al was out of ear shot, but not out of sight.

location: The Super Nova
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